What is SSL / TLS?

  • What is an SSL/TLS Certificate?
  • How important is SSL in online security?
  • How do I set up my SSL/TLS Certificate?

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What is SSL / TLS?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer while TLS stands for Transport Layer Security. Both online security protocols are the technology behind SSL/TLS Certificates. These small data files protect your personal information like credit card and login credentials from looming hackers by encrypting all transmitted data on the internet.


When do you use SSL / TLS?

When you log your credentials to a certain website, your browser will transmit your credentials to the website’s server. SSL/TLS Certificates will encrypt the communication between your browser and the server, allowing your credentials to be safely delivered to the server without being hacked in the middle of the transaction.


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Why do I need SSL/TLS for my website?

Online transactions have increased throughout the years and as it continues to be the norm, the risk of online fraud and hacking also increased. By implementing SSL/TLS for your website, you can prevent hackers from intercepting your customers’ personal information, allowing them to shop on your website without worrying about the dangers of cybercrime.

When SSL/TLS is Not Implemented

Eavesdropping information

When SSL/TLS is Implemented

I can not eavesdrop on information
Many commercial websites worldwide are already using the SSL/TLS technology. Aside from securing communications, SSL/TLS Certificates can help boost your SEO rankings. In 2014, Google announced that the presence of SSL/TLS Certificates is a major criteria for a website to be featured in the “Most Recommended” section of the popular search engine. This means implementing SSL/TLS Certificates will greatly affect your website’s position in Google’s search results.

Investing on SSL/TLS = Investing on Public Trust

The nature of any business is gaining every customer’s confidence and trust in your brand. Even in today’s modern ways of doing business, this nature has never changed. By being transparent to your clients and securing their information, you will gain the confidence of your clients and the trust of the general public, all because you value online security above everything else.
To emphasize when sending personal information on a website To emphasize when sending personal information on a website
※ June 2016 "SSL server certificate awareness and utilization survey "(Survey cooperation: Macromill Inc.)"
Having a secure communication environment will lead to users' peace of mind!

What can SSL/TLS Certificates provide your website?

1. Encrypted Communication Between Browser and Website

SSL/TLS Certificates uses the latest encryption technology that meets international standards to secure the communication between a browser and your website. This will prevent hackers from eavesdropping on your clients’ information as they shop on your website. It doesn’t matter how big your website is, SSL/TLS Certificates have you covered!

2. Confirmation as a Legitimate Company and a Trusted Brand

SSL/TLS Certificates display your company details at the address bar. Coupled with other online security indicators such as the green address bar, padlock icon, and the HTTPS protocol, SSL/TLS Certificates provide your website with an ambiance of legitimacy. Customers will be inclined to trust your website once they recognize your brand as an authentic business entity.

Prevent These Online Security Risks with SSL/TLS Certificates



Using SSL/TLS Certificates, distinguish your website as the only original one from fake websites and prevent your customers from falling victim to phishers.



By encrypting the communication between your customers’ browser and your website, hackers won’t be able to intercept or wiretap their data and steal sensitive information.



Hackers won’t be able to tamper of falsify your customers’ order contents or other important documents sent to your website.

How to Spot SSL/TLS Certificates on a Website

SSL/TLS Certificates are indicated by a padlock icon on the address bar. Once clicked, it will display the website owner’s corporate identity and other relevant information about them.

Key bar of address bar
SSL/TLS Certificates are issued by an organization called a “Certificate Authority”. They are authorized to issue and regulate SSL/TLS Certificates and other online security products. They need to confirm a company’s existence before issuing certificates.
SSL / TLS basic Free PDF material gifts

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Enterprise real authentication SSL, domain authentication SSL, EV SSL
Types and features of SSL / figures for money Types and features of SSL / figures for money
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How to choose SSL / TLS

Various forms

Various Forms

Inquiries, questionnaires questionnaire, campaign application

Membership website

Membership Website

SNS Various member limited site


Domain authentication SSL

Degree of authentication


  • Secure by encrypting part of the site such as form securely
  • Improve security immediately at low cost

Click here to learn more about DomainSSL

Official Websites of Companies and Organizations

Inquiries, various procedures, various forms such as information request Investor relations website for shareholder reports and news publication


SNS • Membership Websites

Login and sign up screens, various procedures Acquisition of new members


Degree of Authentication


  • Includes the organization details in certificate information to legitimize company’s identity
  • Encrypts transmission and reception of personal information
  • Strengthen the overall security of the official website

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Online Shops

Order / Credit card inquiries, subscription to publications
Purchase of online goods and services

Net Bank • Net Securities

Phishing fraud counter-measure, bank application webpages, online bank transaction webpages and other bank-related services


Degree of Authentication


  • Encrypting transmission and reception of personal information including settlement information
  • Set the address bar of the browser to green to display the name of the management organization and show the safety at a glance
  • Prevention of Phishing Scams

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How You Can Get SSL/TLS?

“How can I purchase SSL?” “How do I install it?” These are the common questions we get about SSL. Here's how you can get your very own SSL Certificate.

A Certificate Authority does not simply award an SSL Certificate to any organization who can afford one. Purchasing SSL involves numerous steps that begins with the extensive examination of the customer’s corporate identity.

  • CSR(Certificate Signing Request)Create

    CSR(Certificate Signing Request)

    A CSR will serve as an application form to avail an SSL Certificate.

  • Apply by web page

    Web Page Registration

    Fill out the application form to complete the registration.

  • Preparation and sending

    Preparation and sending

    E-mail address for receiving approval mail, certified copy, company seal
    application, seal stamp certificate etc.

  • Issuance of SSL Certificate

    Issuance of SSL Certificate

    This step will include the CA review of the company, together with the
    reception of the certificate issuance mail. Once you receives this,
    you can now download the certificate for their URL.

  • Installation on Server

    Installation on Server

    You can now perform installation work of the SSL Certificate
    to your respective servers.

SSL / TLS basic Free PDF material gifts

Want to take the basic of SSL offline? You can download a free PDF copy of our SSL Basics below!

  • I want to know more about SSL / TLS
  • We are considering the implementation of SSL / TLS

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